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Unfortunately, we have become programmed to do what everyone else is doing. The reason for this is because human psychology lends itself to this herd mentality. There are times when the herd offers protection, and other times when following the herd poses a tremendous risk. The tax-smart person understands this dynamic. Risks for the herd become opportunities for those with insight.

The Tax-Efficient Wealth Membership Network is one of a kind educational platform that has been uniquely designed to offer a course on the fundamentals of successful tax-efficient wealth accumulation. In order to be a successful tax-smart Canadian, we need more information, we need knowledge followed by action.

Knowledge combines information about the past and applies it to the ever-changing environments and mindsets of the world. Having keen insights into the dynamic and uncertain future is paramount. However, it is an action that unites every great success.

Action is what produces results. Knowledge is only power when it comes into the hands of someone who knows how to take effective action. Ultimate power is the ability to produce the results that you desire most.

Ken Green has helped many of his clients and followers get on the right path to managing their taxes smartly and subsequently growing their wealth.

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For $497 per year, you get to be part of an exclusive Tax-Efficient Wealth Membership Network where we bring together aspiring professionals tired of the unending grind working for others to inspire and hold each other accountable in implementing what we've learned, so we can build and grow wealth tax-efficiently, live fulfilled lives with no money worries, and create lasting impact for causes that matter to us.

Why You Should Join

This membership program is designed to get you into massive action so you can achieve results quickly and consistently. Included in the membership program are:

Two 30-minute personal one-on-one coaching session with Ken to review, set goals and clarify actions

One scheduled monthly members live call + bonus calls to be added from time to time

Monthly articles and/or membership newsletter packed with ideas to generate wealth and ideas for self-improvement

Built-in accountability to help you take actions on your goals

Exclusive access to a private Tax-Efficient Membership Community & FREE pass to the Tax-Efficient Wealth annual LIVE event

One FREE Personal Tax Return preparation per year, including a 30-minute session to discuss tax planning opportunities

50% discount on cost to have a one-on-one consultation with me (Regular rate of $250 per hour or $125 per half-hour)

Access to great courses, some free and others at a discount for members

If you do your personal tax returns yourself or have it prepared by another tax professional, get a FREE review plus 30-minute session to discuss tax planning opportunities

The video below is a sample of insights shared at our Monthly Members Call

And for a sample of the monthly newsletter, click the button below to download a copy:

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30 Day Guarantee!

No questions asked 30 day refund guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back.

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No Risk Guarantee!

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