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This 5-day challenge will cover the following topics:

DAY 1 - BUILD A SOLID MONEY MINDSET: What is Money Mindset? Why is it important? Here, I will share the #1 REASON why having the right money mindset is critical for a successful journey to FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

DAY 2 - VISION, BELIEF & PLAN YOUR MONEY JOURNEY: I'll reveal exactly how you can plan your life based on the vision you've created for yourself. You will know exactly what to do each day, each week, and each month as you move from uncertainty in your finances to the exact amount you need to break free from working for someone else (you'll be surprised how this knowledge will eliminate 90 to 100% of the anxiety and worry you experience with money)

DAY 3 - THE MAJOR OBSTACLES YOU MUST OVERCOME: I'll go over the MAJOR obstacles that hold most people back from ever achieving FINANCIAL FREEDOM. It is critical that you understand them and appreciate them so that you can prepare yourself to OVERCOME them in order to live a life of FINANCIAL FULFILLMENT!

DAY 4 - THE BLUEPRINT, STRATEGIES, AND TACTICS YOU NEED FOR SUCCESS: I'll show you the blueprint that will take you from where you are today to your dream life that is FREE of money of worries. Together, we will review strategies, tactics, and resources that will show you how simple it is to discover hidden things that will propel you to your success.

DAY 5 TOPIC - MAKING IT REAL: I will discuss what it takes to make this a REALITY in your life. How do you move from head knowledge to taking meaningful action? I'll answer all your questions and discuss simple steps you can start taking immediately to achieve your financial dreams.

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Hi, I am Ken Green

Entrepreneur, Writer, Tax & Business Advisor, Success Coach

I am an author of the book, Tax-Efficient Wealth and the creator of, a platform designed to educate and coach individuals on how to achieve a breakthrough in their personal and business finance. I am on a mission to get every Canadian to take meaningful action to achieve financial freedom. I am a leading authority on taxes and personal finance and a regular contributor on Medium, where I share my knowledge through a number of published articles. I work with professionals and business owners to manage their taxes. And I have helped hundreds of clients to create a path to financial freedom through my tax and business advisory services.

Ken Green



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